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In Two

My first ever live action film, made for the 48 hour Sci-Fi Film Competition. We were given:

Title: In Two
Dialogue: “If you think thats good enough, you better think again.”
A dark liquid in a battered water bottle - a tablet is dropped in, fizzes and bubbles. A character takes a sip.
Optional Theme: Scientists create the first Artificial Intelligence, but not evil or dangerous.

Then given 48 hours to write, film and edit a film, using those elements. We were a small team, but dedicated to the project and I feel we took alot from it. Expect a longer “directors cut” soon, I had to cut swathes of stuff I really wanted to keep to stay under 5 minutes.

Set up a giant version of those electric bug zapper things with the blue light for Mothra,

Fight Monsters!

Super Mega Adventure Boy Man - Ident

Final in a series of 2 idents for now defunct video games website The brief was a Mario parody that wasn’t too overtly Mario, something that could be presented as an original adventure platform game, leaving plenty of room for me to get creative with characters and backgrounds. The overly pixelated artwork was created to brief to go with the branding of the website and pixelated brand logo. All music and effects were composed on homebrew cartridges for Game Boy, creating an authentic 8 bit soundtrack. Another job well done.

Slap Godzilla,

Fight Monsters!

Super Mega Raiders From Space - Ident

First in a series of 2 idents for now defunct video games website The brief was to keep it simple with the easily recognisable space invader style game, with the games iconic shield being eroded away to reveal the MarsVG logo. Alot of work went into designing the Space Invader style space ships so that they were similar enough to be recognisable, but different enough to create something of our own which belongs in parody. I used alot of the original sketches for the ship designs for Space Invaders as reference. All sound effects and music was done using an Atari 2600 sound board and composed by myself. The biggest challenge was actually fitting in all the action in such a short time scale and having the shield erode in a believable way. Feedback was so positive that we were commissioned for another ident.

Elbow drop King Kong,

Fight Monsters!

This is Almost the Entire Contents of My Fridge

Clips from a longer short, still in development, entitled ‘This is Almost the Entire Contents of My Fridge…’ that was written as a drama, but ended up with so many jokes it kind of ventured into the realm of comedy. The title is taken from a note I made and a friend suggested calling the whole film that. I’d still like to do a longer revised version. Big thanks are given to all those who helped me out on the credits on the fridge itself in the opening few seconds.

Grab pitch forks and torches and chase Frankenstein’s monster,

Fight Monsters!